The Difference is in the Material

Not all Step and Repeat displays are created equal. But provides an array of material choices, both Standard to Premium-grade, ensuring the display you choose will be of the highest quality possible. Regardless of the material chosen, each system is fabricated with care, and designed to display flawlessly over and over!

 The Benefits of Premium Fabric Material
Our Poly-blend Premium Fabric is a High-Opacity, non-glare option that is printed via dye-sublimation and, despite being fabric, perfectly simulates the appearance of a Step and Repeat board. Perfect for event photography!
The Benefits of Premium Vinyl Material
The Premium Vinyl is a smooth blockout material that allows no light to pass through it, and has less glare than standard material in photos.
Our clients choose the Premium Fabric and Vinyl as a way to display their images and branding in the most glamorous way possible!
The Benefits of Economy Fabric Material
Our Standard fabric is thinner, less-opaque, but also printed via dye-sublimation, and photographs just as beautifully.
The Benefits of Standard Vinyl Material
The Standard Vinyl is durable, slightly more reflective, and less opaque as well.
The combination of lower cost material and high-quality stands make for beautiful displays, even on a budget.

The Material Makes the Difference: continually finds the best possible materials for our systems. Our goal is to provide a premium experience and put in the hands of clients the most useful and handsome system we possibly can.
It's Kind to Care:
We ship and package our systems to ensure the product arrives not only ready to be set up immediately, but also to look its best. It's important to re-package your system the same way it was when you opened it! This is even more important if you intend to use the system repeatedly, as many of our clients often do! Keep the following in mind when handling your system, and it will last:
  • Avoid getting your banner system wet
  • Never fold the banner, even the fabric
  • Keep all the materials we provide, including boxes
  • Fabric banner can be washed! Wash cold, tumble dry low.
  • Never fold vinyl banners! Fabric wrinkles can be removed with steam
  • Be sure to keep all materials we provide for repackaging and storage