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The Blog about Step and Repeat Banners, By is forever looking for ways to innovate, iterate, go above and beyond to provide a wonderful experience for our clients. And as we continue in this endeavor, we have added another wonderful tool to our arsenal.   Please say hello to the Summa F1612.
Where once we were a small shop doing big things, we are now a big shop doing even BIGGER things. We've recently moved northward from our location in Van Nuys, CA, to the expansive, sleepy Santa Clarita Valley, where we now occupy a space three times as large.
When planning an event, flexibility is key. Wherever an opportunity may present itself, you need to take advantage., being dedicated to providing the best possible experience, understands this well, and continually strives to bring into our already amazing line of displays additional options that will help you, well… keep your options open! We recently added the Indoor Economy Banner System to our roster—a display designed and conceived to provide the great aesthetic we are known for, but with the main thrust being budgetary concerns. It makes available all the quality you’ve come to expect from, but won’t break the bank! Use it once, use it over and over! It’s up to you.  
Here at the production facility, we often look for ways to give our clients exactly what they need. We close our eyes, imagine ourselves at an event, a show, a party. We ask ourselves, what will work best? The needs of our clients are so diverse, just like their intentions. One thing we know for sure, however, is you love stuff that works, that does the job, with no fuss. Simple-like. Continuing the tradition of providing top-tier display products, has added a new display option that will indeed keep things truly simple.
Regardless of the size chosen, Hop-Up’s made by are lightweight, versatile, and easily handled, but still have all the advantages of a larger sized display. With sizes ranging from 5’, 8’, 10’, 15’, and 20’, Hop-Up displays are wonderfully useful in a wide range of ways—trade shows, private events, permanent or semi-permanent installations, stage backdrops, group photo backgrounds, window dressing, etc. Think of a place and a time, and the Hop-Up will work for you.
The very product from which we derive our name, the Step and Repeat Banner System, brings to mind images of premieres, galas, and grand events where those in attendance move down a red carpet at a leisured pace, looking from one camera lens to the next, smiling in there haught attire. The banners make a strong, memorable statement, soon immortalized in photographs and video to be published by innumerbale fashion magazines, blog articles, and TMZ.
Events, no matter how well planned and conceived, seem to sneak up on us. Today's the day. It's here. Suddenly, all the last-minute needs make themselves known, but that eternal time-monster known as 'crunch' is going to do everything possible to steal your attention away from what needs to be done.
Step and Repeat Banners created here at have tremendous presence. Available in many sizes, on two kinds of material, the systems we make have throughout the years, been used for all manner of events and purposes. Marketing companies, universities, nightclubs, restaurants, finance companies, churches, automotive companies, video game developers, non-profits, hospitals, publishers; they all have used, or are currently using, our Step and Repeat Banners, and they love them.'s Quick Setup® and 5-Minute Setup® systems are the premier way to make a splash at your event (or premiere, for that matter). They are staples of the industry, in use by clients in every state in the union (and several outlying territories, Canada, and Europe, truth be told). Clients return to us time and again either to purchase a new banner for their existing system, or order another system altogether. We're proud to be the makers of the most reliable and user-friendly Step Repeats available in the industry.  
It has been mentioned here previously that endeavors to refine our processes wherever we can. Our stands are simple but strong, outperforming others both on the day they are displayed, every time after, and far into the future. They are so because we have continually refined them, creating the great stand we utilize today. It is that very attitude which informs our ordering process as well, which we are confident the process provides the fastest way to get precisely what you need.  
Premium "Blockout" Material

block out materialThe Premium “Blockout” material prevents unwanted shadows from being cast through the back, which can ruin photos, and obscure branding.
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Seamless Banners

Seamless Step and Repeat BannersBanners, up to 24-feet long, are seamless, one-piece units which adhere to our stands simply, without sagging or wrinkling.

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Professional Pipe Stands

pipe and base banner standOur Professional pipe and base stands are designed to be quick and easy to set up. All of our stands come with a Lifetime Warranty!

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