The Biggest Banners in the Business

The Biggest Banners in the Business

We worked with Agile Eye Solutions to produce this amazing stand-off text step and repeat for HBO 

When it comes to building brand awareness, especially at special events, large banners are a marketer's best friend. 

Offering the largest high-quality banners in the business, it is no wonder that companies are turning to to get the most out of their step and repeat banners.

Here are three ways that you can use oversized banners to supercharge your own marketing strategy.

Big Banner Benefits

1. Ultimate Eye-catchers

In this instance, bigger really is better. These behemoths will draw the eye from greater distances than your run-of-the-mill banners.

These attention getting banners will leave an impression on who ever sees them. They stand out from the crowd of normal step and repeats.

2. Free Brand Promotion

Whether you're setting up a trade show, red carpet, or art installation, your banners will attract a crowd. Cameras come out. Poses are struck. Pictures featuring your logo in the backdrop get uploaded to social media.   

Sure to capture attention and build brand awareness, super-sized step and repeat banners are prefect for making a statement that will get noticed.

3. The VIP Experience

Custom banners instantly add polish to an event.  

 People remember how you make them feel. Such experiences leave a lasting impact as attendees connect your brand with quality.


One of our custom banners. This guy is 56 feet long! is boldly going where other specialty printing houses cannot venture. No project is too big or complex to handle.

Here are a few additional benefits of using our larger banners for your next event:

  • Unlike most oversize banners that you will find, we print ours as one piece making them completely seamless.
  • Banners can be up to 10 feet tall (some of the biggest in the industry) and any length that you need.
  • All images are high quality and displayed in full color.
  • Stand off shapes and letters are attachable for an added 3-D effect and visual impact. Using our CNC routing machine, we print your letters on foam or other materials, mount your banner, then attach the cutouts to the surface.
  • Other stands would fail under the weight and tension of banners of this size. We created our pipe and base stands to accommodate the special challenges associated with large banners. They are strong enough to support the increased weight while preventing any sagging, drooping, or wrinkling.
  • Through the dye sublimation process your designs permanently become a part of the banner material. This means the images will never peel or fade, allowing you to use the banner again and again.

Custom Projects

At Step Repeat, creativity is one of our core values. We want to help you create your vision. Thanks to our powerful printing facility, when you work with us you get:

Versatility: Our banners are perfect for trade shows, movie backdrops, and art installations.

Unrivaled size options: Banners can be up to ten feet tall and practically any length.

A large selection of materials: Vinyl, fabric, foam, wood, plastic, and metal are just some the mediums available. These are all combinable to create truly unique pieces.

Are you looking to create custom banners for your next event?  

Contact us today to begin discussing your project. We'll be there every step of the way to ensure that you get exactly what you need for your special occasion.
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