Take Your Booth With You: Portable Display Options from StepRepeat.com
The very product from which we derive our name, the Step and Repeat Banner System, brings to mind images of premieres, galas, and grand events where those in attendance move down a red carpet at a leisured pace, looking from one camera lens to the next, smiling in there haught attire. The banners make a strong, memorable statement, soon immortalized in photographs and video to be published by innumerbale fashion magazines, blog articles, and TMZ.
Then there is you: the well-traveled, hard-charging road warrior, hopping from one event to the next, your faithful steed the window seat on a red-eye flight to Poughkeepsie, off to share your ideas and products with the world. It may be tough to lug a fifty foot banner system all accross the country, however. Read on for more info on our portable display solutions...

We carry a number of items that offer the aesthetic power of a Step and Repeat system but are also sumpremely portable. In this blog, I am going to detail a few key items that are perfect for kitting out a tradeshow booth. These items will offer you the best of both worlds: easy-to-carry, and truly eye-catching.
The average tradeshow booth is approximately 10'x10'. There is a lot of real estate to showcase your ideas and products, and we have three items that will allow you to do just with minimal effort.
Let's take a look at our 10x8 Hop-Up System. Available in 5'-, 8'-, and 10'-foot sizes, Hop-Ups can be carried in their supplied carrying bags in one hand, be set-up in minutes, and taken down just as quickly. It makes for the perfect booth background display. 
10x8 Hop-Up System

To flank the table, or draw attention to it from the aisle, Retractable Banners are the way to go. The lightweight, portable systems can be unpacked and set up in seconds, and are available in numerous sizes, from 2' to 8'. When being carried, most of our retractable units can be slung over the shoulder, weighing no more than the average backpack*. Like the Hop-Up, the retractable systems too come with nylon carrying bags for conveniance.

More than likely, you'll be seated at a table near the front of your booth, waiting to greet prospective clients, fans, or the occasional looky-loo. We produce Custom Table Covers that are available in a range of sizes which fit most standard portable tables. We provide vinyl or fabric covers, and the fabric covers can be styled as throws or be fitted. Additionally, fabric table covers can be washed and used repeatedly, thanks to our specialzed dye-sublimation printing process.

Imagine being able to carry all displays for your booth in hand, never having to ship them. Once the show is over, into the trunk they go. And if you're flying, all of the items detailed here can be checked on airlines without issue.
It's possible to have supreme visual oomph, without risking a spinal injury. With the items outlined above, you'll be sure to save time and energy, all the while looking impressive and professional, wherever your travels may take you.
*Please Note: While the 8' retractable can be easily carried, it is fixed in size at eight feet. Be sure to consult your airline regarding the size requirements for checking items.
Hop-Up's Revisited: New Sizes, New Uses
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