's Step and Repeat Banners: Endless Possibilities
Step and Repeat Banners created here at have tremendous presence. Available in many sizes, on two kinds of material, the systems we make have throughout the years, been used for all manner of events and purposes. Marketing companies, universities, nightclubs, restaurants, finance companies, churches, automotive companies, video game developers, non-profits, hospitals, publishers; they all have used, or are currently using, our Step and Repeat Banners, and they love them.

At a recent event, a client used several types and sizes of Step and Repeat Banners to create the walls for their event booth. Six separate double-sided systems—four 20x8's, and two 10x8's along with multiple additional banners of the same size—created their entire display environment.
Regardless of the system size purchased, they are  portable. Many clients move from event to event, taking their Step and Repeat Banners with them. Each system uses only two boxes: one for the banner and stand, the other for the base plates. The systems are designed to be durable as well, and at each event, the system looks as great as it did the first time it was used.
At live events clients use Step and Repeat Banners to showcase their brand, or album art (or really anything). The systems are generally eight feet high—though, 10' high systems are available—and can be seen from anywhere. Be sure that no matter where you are in the room, you will see the banner!
Couples taking the plunge into the depths of wedded bliss use Step and Repeat Banners to commemorate the big day, often displaying their names and the date of the wedding. Guests are often encouraged to take photos in front of the system, and the bride and groom later sit in front of the display during the reception. What better way to add some glitz and glamour to an already wonderful day!
Every year is a year older (and wiser, and better-looking) and many choose to give their birthday celebration the red-carpet treatment by having a Step and Repeat Banner to vogue in front of with their friends and family. We have even printed green screen backgrounds that allow for any background imaginable! Many parents have celebrated B'nai and B'not Mitzvah with our banners, often with a photographic tribute to their child turned responsible adult. A husband recently celebrated mother's day by having a banner printed for his wife!
Companies such as GAP, Inc. have used Step and Repeat Banners produced here to launch their recent 'Dress Normal' campaign—seventy-five 5x8 5-Minute Setup® Systems were sent to major Gap stores all throughout the country. The systems greeted customers as they entered the store. Major movie theater chains use systems to celebrate new theater openings and special events, both public and internal.
The uses for Step and Repeat Banners are endless. The large canvas allows for an impressive display which will compliment whatever it is you have planned. Please check out the links on the left hand side of this page for the greatest Step and Repeat Banner Technology available anywhere!
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