Step and Repeat Banners: The Promotional Tool for Any Occasion

Step and Repeat Banners: The Promotional Tool for Any Occasion

Are you looking for more ways to promote your brand? Consider a Step and Repeat banner for your next event.

Customizable and easy to setup, Step and Repeat banners are simple to integrate into the event's decor, no matter the size of the space.

Traditionally used at media events, here are four other occasions where you can make Step and Repeat banners work to your advantage.

1. Trade Shows

Designed to be ultra-portable and with quick set up and tear down in mind, Step and Repeat banners can minimize the headaches that often go with exhibit halls.

They make excellent backdrops for your booth space. Customize them with your logo, offerings, and company values for a simple but effective way to catch the eye of fresh prospects.

2. Parties

Parties are another fantastic opportunity to use Step and Repeat banners to highlight your brand.

Well placed, they make excellent backgrounds for photo areas. Pair them with a prominently displayed, occasion-specific hashtag and you've got some free social media promotion.

Step and Repeat banners are also the perfect companion to other brandable items, such as pillows, awnings, and carpet. Personalize them with your logo to achieve an attractive and cohesive aesthetic throughout the event space.

3. Store Openings

What better place to put your branding front and center than at the grand opening of your new store location?

Besides highlighting your logo, you can pair your Step and Repeat banners with posters or retractable displays to draw attention to special promotions and key aspects of your business that set you apart from others in the market.

And, of course, don't forget that Step and Repeat banners create valuable photo and social sharing opportunities.

4. Charity Events

Beyond displaying the branding of your own organization, Step and Repeat banners are a great way to show appreciation for current patrons, sponsors, or even past donors at your next charity event.

You can also use Step and Repeat banners to lay out the importance of the cause you are supporting or provide a visual measure of your progress and current donations.

These are only a few of the opportunities where you can use Step and Repeat banners to your advantage. To get the most out of your PR strategy, consider using a Step and Repeat banner at your company's next special event.

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