Pillows: The Usefulness of Comfort

Pillows. We love them. We need them. After all, who likes a kink in the neck? No one we know. As comfortable as pillows are though, they do have a use beyond the wondrous comfort found when resting your head at bedtime. StepRepeat.com now provides high quality, durable custom pillows, which can feature any image desired.


Custom pillows can serve as an incredibly powerful promotional tool, or just a nice gift. Opening a new club or venue? Use custom pillows to highlight promotions and services. Have an adorable baby? Put that little baby's adorable mug on a pillow and cherish it forever (or embarrass them in front of friends 15 years down the road!) Use the pillows to complete the decor of a living space. The possibilities really are endless. 

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StepRepeat.com makes all pillows in-house, either with zippers or without—it's your call, and price isn't affected. Using zippered pillows offers the flexibility to replace the cases in the future.

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The pillows are printed using a process in which the ink becomes permanently bonded to the high-grade fabric material. Because of this, the images will never scratch, run or smudge. If utilizing a zippered pillow, the inner can be replaced if needed, and the case itself can be washed in any load of laundry.

Pillows can be purchased in large quantities, or individually. Pricing, as well as a gallery of pillows recently made here at StepRepeat.com, can be found on our printed pillows page.

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Pillows truly are wonderful, and they are oh-so comfortable. But now, they're useful! StepRepeat.com offers many top-notch products, and our pillows are just the latest item we offer at a level of quality you will not find elsewhere.

We can produce pillows in any size, though by default they are 18x18. If you need something special, please contact us.

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