New Product! Indoor Economy® Display!

New Product! Indoor Economy® Display!
Here at the production facility, we often look for ways to give our clients exactly what they need. We close our eyes, imagine ourselves at an event, a show, a party. We ask ourselves, what will work best? The needs of our clients are so diverse, just like their intentions. One thing we know for sure, however, is you love stuff that works, that does the job, with no fuss. Simple-like. Continuing the tradition of providing top-tier display products, has added a new display option that will indeed keep things truly simple.
The Indoor Economy® Display System is a lower-cost alternative to the robust 5-Minute Setup® and Quick Setup® systems we also fabricate—but don’t confuse low-cost with low-quality here. The economy stand does use alternative types of fabric and vinyl: the fabric is thinner, but still printed via dye-sublimation, allowing for the same great, permanent image. The vinyl is a tough, heavy scrim that will maintain its look for years as well. Yes, the cost is lower, but the quality we strive for certainly is not.

Unlike other stands of this type, we use a hardier version made from aluminum, rather than cheap plastic that often warps and bows quite badly. The cheap plastic version is the sole reason for the super-low prices you may see elsewhere! As the saying goes, “Cheap clothes ain’t cheap.”
Don’t be fooled!
Also included is a custom-fit carrying bag for your stand that can be slung over your shoulder for easy transport. Fabric banners can be folded without worry, as the image will never scuff or fade. If wrinkling occurs, it can be remedied easily with a steamer. Pack the banner like you would any other piece of clothing!

The stand is adjustable vertically as well as horizontally, allowing custom-height and -width banners for future purchases. This opens wide all the useful possibilities this stand offers.
Ideally, this lightweight stand will be used indoors. Certain system configurations* weigh just 30lb, so use outdoors is best avoided. If you find yourself in need of an outdoor stand, check out our Quick Setup® Systems here!
As with all the products in our line, we are sure this new addition will suit you. Please call us between 7:30a and 5:00p PST Mon-Fri for more information!

*System weight varies by size ordered, and material choice. Vinyl systems can weigh up to 40lb. Stands not sold separately.
New Material Options from!
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