Introducing the Canvas Carrying Bag

Storing your Quick Setup® and 5-Minute Setup® systems is very important. They are an investment, and the banners themselves require a certain measure of care. Systems manufactured by enjoy several levels of attention: from the PVC on which we role the banners to prevent wrinkling, to the sealed plastic bag in which we put the banner to prevent water and environmental damage, to the standard vinyl bag, the systems arrive to our clients in pristine condition.


But once the system reaches the client, maintenance and storage is in thier hands. Often, the systems are used at multiple events on multiple occasions. We have recently constructed the Canvas Carrying Bag, a double-stitched, heavy duty accessory for this very purpose. The canvas offers superior, long-term protection for banner systems.


Custom Bag Blue Quick Setup Zipper

There are three options: the first fits our 8x8 5-Minute Setup® system. This bag will hold the banner, stand components, as well as the baseplates in convenient, front-facing pockets situated at the center of the bag.  All items are evenly distributed, so carrying is a cinch!

Custom Bag Blue 8x8 5 Minute

The second option is nearly the same, though measuring at 65" in length, is sized for our compact 5x8 5-Minute Setup® systems. The third option fits our series of Quick Setup® systems, and features two distinct canvas bags. The first holds the banner and stand components and a second, smaller bag holds the large baseplates which come with all systems sized 10' or longer.

Custom Bag Blue Base Plate

We work constantly to refine our products with the goal in mind of serving our client base as effectively as possible, even long after delivery! The new Canvas Carrying Bags allow our high standards of quality and the amount of care we put into our products and services to follow the system well after we ship it, and for all its use in the future.

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