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Hop-Ups: Portable Greatness

For those who need all the size of a 10x8 or 8x8 Step and Repeat, but also need absolute portability, offers easy-to-use, spectacular looking Hop-Up systems, sized 5x88x8, and 10x8. is the resource for quality large format display solutions. Our Quick Setup® and 5-Minute Setup® systems are favorites throughout the industry, having been purchased and utilized at all manner of events. Even so, efforts are always made to find new ways to accommodate the needs of our clients. We take pride in all of our various options outside of our best-sellers.


Our Hop-Up banners are printed on high-quality, heavy-knit textile fabric, and adhere to a collapsible aluminum frame. The 10x8 Hop-Up, for instance, is a large system which measures 120"x96" and is 12" deep. When collapsed, though, the system fits in to a supplied nylon bag, measuring just 37"x15"x13", a size that will fit easily in any vehicle, and can be checked on any airline*.

5x8 HopUp Shoot Mania Storm 287 800 600 100

Note that Hop-Ups are available only on our fabric material. In most cases, the banner is affixed to the stand and is shipped as a whole. The fabric material is the best option for sustaining the integrity of the banner not only in transport, but also when stored. If the image desired is full-color, we recommend having the banner shipped separately, and adhering it to the stand on site.

Pieces manufactured by are always given the utmost care and attention. Ordering a Hop-Up from us will guarantee the most portable and best looking display available.

*Always call ahead to your airline to be sure!

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