Hop-Up's Revisited: New Sizes, New Uses

Regardless of the size chosen, Hop-Up’s made by StepRepeat.com are lightweight, versatile, and easily handled, but still have all the advantages of a larger sized display. With sizes ranging from 5’, 8’, 10’, 15’, and 20’, Hop-Up displays are wonderfully useful in a wide range of ways—trade shows, private events, permanent or semi-permanent installations, stage backdrops, group photo backgrounds, window dressing, etc. Think of a place and a time, and the Hop-Up will work for you.
The convenience doesn’t end there: the banner is adhered to the stand with Velcro®, making removal and replacement easy. And when you order your next Hop-Up banner, future orders will simply be the banner! All Hop-Up banners are printed using the amazing Dye-Sublimation process, which results in durable banners ideal for long-term, and repeat use. The banners are first printed mirrored on special paper, then using extreme pressure and heat, client artwork is transferred directly onto the fabric of the Hop-Up, allowing the banner to be washed. The image is permanent, and it won’t fade, either!

Even the larger sizes are quite easily handled! The 20x8 Hop-Up is enormous—larger when set up than one might imagine—but ships in a box that is just 35”x15”x12”, allowing for easy transport in any vehicle or airline. Take it on a train if you’d like, too. Or a blimp, or a boat, or a dirigible if you can find one!

Like all products on StepRepeat.com, the Hop-Up is also easy to set up, usually only requiring one person to do so. Unzip the included nylon carrying bag and remove the unit. With hands on two corners, spread the unit out until it reaches its full size. Raise the unit onto its bottom edge and snap the clips in place. In just a few minutes, you’ll have a sturdy display that can be moved and adjusted with so little effort, you’ll be pleased beyond measure.

A Hop-Up is the perfect middle ground between large scale, and simple use. Other types of stands are cumbersome, and feature many parts requiring long setup times and multiple people involved. Lessen the cooks, do away with the hassle, and go with a Hop-Up. You will be happy you did! We guarantee it*.

*Hop-Up stands come with a 1-year limited warranty. If there are issues with the print on the banner, we will replace it. Please call for more details!
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