Add Glamour to Your Banner: Carpet Options

Add Glamour to Your Banner: Carpet Options

Throughout history, the red carpet has been synonomous with prestige and distinguishment, going back as far as the time of the Greeks. In the ancient play Agamemnon, the title character returns from Troy, and layed out before him is what is referred to as the 'Crimson Path'. With each step he takes, however, he is filled with anxiety and fear, as he believes only the gods should walk upon such splendor.

Do not be afraid; just be fabulous.



Our printed carpets can be any number of customizable colors: walk the crimson path, walk the azure path, walk the chartreuse path, walk the harlequin path, walk whatever colored path you desire, because can print it! The Quick Setup® and 5-Minute Setup® systems available on are the best in the business. They alone are quite the spectacle. What is a spectacle without glamour? We all know glamour can be found on the red carpet (or the blue, or green, or brown carpet!)

Screamfest has several carpet options available in multiple sizes: Full-Color Printed Carpet, Red Carpet with Black Printing, and a traditional Plain Red Carpet. Each variation is available in 8-, 12-, 16-, and 24-foot lengths. Click here to see specifics on pricing!

If custom colors are needed, the Full-Color Printed Carpet is the best option. The carpet is white to start, then vibrant color is printed on it directly. The Full-Color Printed Carpet requires 2-3 days for production depending on length, but is absolutely worth the wait! Also available is the Red Carpet with Black printing. This carpet is a traditional red carpet on which strictly black logos are printed. We also have plain red carpets available at all times in the sizes mentioned above.


Each carpet is cut by hand and bound using a heavy-duty industrial carpet binding machine. They are printed on our state-of-the-art HP flatbed printer, precisely replicating the artwork submitted by the client. On this page you will see photos of carpets printed by us and still in use by the clients who ordered them!

Carpets are an essential part of a Step Repeat experience, so be sure to add one to your next order!

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