4 Ways to Use Custom Printing to Stand Out at Your Next Trade Show

Trade shows are a great place to expand your network and gain valuable insights into your industry. Unfortunately, with so many companies competing for space and attention in the exhibit hall, it can be difficult to distinguish yourself from the crowd.

That's where custom printing comes in. Here are 5 ways to use custom printing to stand out at your next trade event.

1. Set the Scene with Hop-Up Banners

These displays are available in multiple sizes and collapsible, meaning that they're ultra-portable. This makes setup and teardown a breeze. Customize them with your branding, company values, or a call to action that will attract the eye. See Our Hop-Up Banners.

 2. Add Some Polish with Table Covers

Table covers come in a variety of sizes and colors, which can be selected to match your space and branding. By using the dye sublimation process, you can also customize them with your logo or other designs, turning a plain table into a marketing opportunity.

3. Inspire Action with Retractable Signs

Retractable banners are designed for quick setup and tear down, which makes them perfect for trade shows. With a plethora of size and material options available, they are easy to customize with your logo and a call to action.

Use them to draw prospects in with appealing visuals and a value offer that compels them to reach out to you or request a follow up after the event.

4. Increase Your Presence With Branded Pillows

Customized pillows are a unique touch for your promotional meet and greet areas. You can print your logo or other on-brand design on the surface, ensuring that your company lingers in a prospect's mind throughout the event and beyond.

Key Takeaways

Used thoughtfully, custom printing is an ideal addition to your trade show marketing strategy.

By personalizing your space, you can attract attention, establish value, and build trust, creating relationships that will weather the test of time.

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