3 Printing Strategies for a Sustainable Future

StepRepeat.com is dedicated to producing products with the enviroment in mind.  These eco-friendly designs help reduce pollution and create a product that if kinder to the enviroment. 

But, what are sustainable products? These are products that contribute to society, the economy, and the environment throughout their full life cycle. 

In his book Sustainability Marketing: A Global Perspective, Frank-Martin Belz states that all sustainable products have the following characteristics:

  • Customer satisfaction: The product or services meets the needs of the customer.
  • Dual focus: Sustainable products are both ecologically and socially significant. 
  • Eco-friendly life cycle: From the extraction of raw materials to disposal, a sustainable product causes no lasting damage to the environment.
  • Global contribution: Sustainable products must have a global impact or lead to improvements in socio-ecological product performance. 
  • Ongoing improvement: Sustainable products are constantly improved using advances in knowledge and technology. They should also reflect changes in society's expectations. 
So, how can the printing industry contribute to the health of the planet?

Here are the 4 tactics we've adopted in our own sustainability strategy. 

1. Water-Based Inks
Water-based inks contain less toxic chemicals and volatile solvents. We use them as part of our dye-sublimation process. 
With dye-sublimation, designs become part of the fabric, meaning you can wash them and reuse them again and again. 

2. Biodegradable Fabrics
Whether you're in the market for banners, pillows, tents, or textiles, all our fabric is biodegradable. And, since we print our designs using water-based inks, you don't have to worry about introducing harmful chemicals into the environment.

3. The Ultimate All-in-One System
Throughout their lifecycle, our fabric Step and Repeat systems are sustainable:
  • Banners are created using biodegradable fabric.
  • Designs are printed with water-based inks. 
  • Thanks to the dye-sublimation process, designs do not peel or fade, allowing you to reuse them. 
  • The included pipe and base stand is made from recyclable, rigid steel.

By using sustainable products, any business can help combat pollution and climate change, ensuring that we and future generations can lead healthier, happier lives.
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