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Bound Carpet and Printed Bound Carpets

Starting at $120.00

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Offer Expires August 26th 2018

Available in 4 sizes 
Add some flare to your red carpet by having your logo printed on it. StepRepeat.com now offers a full range of carpets and printed carpets to go with your step and repeat banners and walls.

Printed carpets can be nearly any color. Simple choose a CMYK color you would like for your carpet. Additional costs for custom colors will apply.

3x8 Red Carpet
Carpet $60
Printed Red Carpet with Black Printing $90
Full Color Printed Carpet $168

4x12 Red Carpet
Carpet $120
Printed Red Carpet with Black Printing $178
(5x12) Full Color Printed Carpet $420

4x16 Red Carpet
Carpet $160
Printed Red Carpet with Black Printing $237
(5x16) Full Color Printed Carpet $448

4x24 Red Carpet
Carpet $240
PrintedRed Carpet with Black Printing $360

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