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SEG FRAME - Silicone Edged Graphic Fabric Tension Frame Systems 

Available in these and custom sizes:
8 Foot Tall      10 Foot Tall
    Special Price         Special Price
5x8 $632 $486     10x10 $1,333 $1,025
8x8 $899 $691     16x10 $1,976 $1,520
10x8 $1,076 $828     20x10 $2,405 $1,850
12x8 $1,254 $965     30x10 $3,478 $2,675
16x8 $1,610 $1,238     Custom Size  Call For Pricing  
20x8 $1,966 $1,512          
30x8 $2,855 $2,196          
For a limited time only. 

Silicone edge graphics (or SEGs) are printed onto tensioned fabric with a silicone strip sewn along the edge. This edge is inserted into an aluminum frame, resulting in a crisp, taut image without a visible sew line. SEG Frame Banners are super light and available in custom sizes. Because of this SEG Banners can be hung from walls, set up on stands our mounted in otherways.
Fabric Tension Displays are a slim and stylish alternative to traditional Step and Repeat Systems. The sublimated fabric banners notch into the frame, flush along the nearly-invisible bezel. Keeping the banner tight and crisp for a flawless sag-free display.
This package includes
  •  Qty. (1) Aluminum Display Frame
  • •Qty. (1) Custom Sublimated Banner
  •  Qty. (2+) Base Plate Feet
  • Please allow 3-4 for days for manufacturing.

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