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We Have Moved! Bigger, Better Things to Come

Where once we were a small shop doing big things, we are now a big shop doing even BIGGER things. We've recently moved northward from our location in Van Nuys, CA, to the expansive, sleepy Santa Clarita Valley, where we now occupy a space three times as large.

This means one thing: MORE. More space, more volume, more capability. We made the most of where we were, but it all became a little tight around the waist. Big ideas need a big space, and after a while, those ideas began to feel more than a little cramped. And it seemed to us there was a misconception as to just what we do, and what we're capable of providing—well, it's time now to drop some knowledge! We do fabricate the finest, longest-lasting, user-friendly Step and Repeat systems available anywhere, with multiple sizes and material options available.

But you know this.

You likely have one of our Quick Setup® Systems, 5-Minute Setup® Systems, or have seen one of our fine displays when going about your day! We're everywhere (have you been to a Studio Movie Grill recently? Yep, that's our 8x8 Ultimate Retractable in the lobby! Go take a selfie!)

But we aren't a one-trick pony by any stretch, with a wide variety of display options to choose from, including table covers, pillows, tents, barrier covers, carpets, posters... the list goes on and on. Our team is made up of dedicated industry professionals, each with a wide variety of skills. Like we always have, we pool these skills to ensure our rigorous quality standards are always maintained, regardless of what we're working on.

You may not be aware of the other wonderful items we make:

• hanging truss system covers
• vehicle car wraps
• wall graphics
• large quantity signage
• lamination
• floor graphics
• decals
• mesh printing
• character standees

We can provide all of these custom products and more, each created with the same care and attention that produces our wonderful Step and Repeat systems.

Reach out to us via phone 800-538-6544 or sales @steprepeat.com with any questions or requests! Bring us your ideas, and we can make them happen!
New Material Options from StepRepeat.com!
New Technology, New Products
Premium "Blockout" Material

block out materialThe Premium “Blockout” material prevents unwanted shadows from being cast through the back, which can ruin photos, and obscure branding.
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Seamless Banners

Seamless Step and Repeat BannersBanners, up to 24-feet long, are seamless, one-piece units which adhere to our stands simply, without sagging or wrinkling.

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Professional Pipe Stands

pipe and base banner standOur Professional pipe and base stands are designed to be quick and easy to set up. All of our stands come with a Lifetime Warranty!

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